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More black girls dating white guys

Is it that we are "hardwired" to be conscious of "our own" kind, and guarded against those who are "different" from us?

/ White Girls Dating Nigerian Men / Why Do British Girls Love To Date Black Guys... they know a lot of us are handy men, and we also know how to lay the pipe.

cos blackmen knows how to spend, most white dude when they take u on date, it is 50 : 50 split, even the tip, but black man will trip the babe, and black men are damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn in beg and well endowed by baba God"because of big nads and little brains"Are you sure ? you know I have good brains,and I dont need big ___ for love him,and I dont need have little brains for be with him,and I dont need moda for be with him all my life,this my life and I will do all I want,and you has written it because you are jeal.

and will never have white girl,and its you are have little brains if you tell this!

it hurts BW so much when they see white women with our handsome selves to the extent that they feel the need to retaliate, so they end up getting with napoleon dynamite.

OK, all joking aside, there really is no empirical evidence that suggests that black men--of any geographic locale--have significantly larger (longer or thicker) Instruments than those of our non-black counterparts.

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They take pride in how good they are not in how they got to hit it.