Mormon views on dating

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Mormon views on dating

Unless you think the relationship is unhealthy, try counsel rather than force.

If parents accept that their child is progressing and developing a different role in life, they can avoid some of these conflicts. [Parents] shouldn't be afraid to make rules and discuss them with their teen." Set aside a time to talk with your child."Try to understand and respect the intensity of your teen's feelings.At the end of the day, everyone has their own free will, but if you respect them and are aware of their feelings, they are far more likely to listen to you." Trusting your teen and trying to understand his or her feelings is all well and good, but what about when it comes to sexual intimacy? After all, children do have their own free will, but shouldn't parents do everything in their power to stop their children from making a monumental mistake?Other parents have said that their teen can only go on group dates.Some parents really put their foot down and try to make their teen break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend." This last option, however, should be used cautiously.

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If you choose your battles wisely, your children will be more likely to respect your concerns about their relationships.