Mouseover intimidating shout macro

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Mouseover intimidating shout macro

If the target tries to cast again, you will be in range to pummel.Bladestorm#showtooltip Bladestorm/equipset Offense/cast [nostance:1]Battle Stance/cast Bladestorm Brostorm, Lolstorm, Rofltcopter.This macro is a bit lame tbh but i urge to share it, i call it Deathstorm XDDeathstorm#showtooltip Recklessness/cast [button:2] Battle Stance/stopmacro [button:2]/cast Sweeping Strikes/cast [stance:1/2] Berserker Stance/stopmacro [stance:1]/castsequence reset=5 Recklessness, Bladestorm This macro will cast Sweeping Strikes, Berserker Stance, Recklessness, Bladestorm in sequence but it won't activate if any of these skills are on Cooldown so dont put it on the same hotkey as Bladestorm, Sweeping Strikes or Recklessness.Use this on a pack of Pv Ers to see guts flying all over the area.Well, with the last patch which removed hamstring off the gcd I macro'd it to charge to free up a keybind. 5.4 did get rid of the need for Spell Reflect and Shield Wall macros though. Charge#showtooltip Charge/cancelaura Bladestorm/equipset Offense/cast [nostance:1] Battle Stance/cast [nomod, @target] Charge/cast [nomod, @target] Hamstring/cast [mod : alt, @focus] Charge/cast [mod : alt, @focus] Hamstring/startattack Possibly the most important macro for Warriors. I forgot to mention is above but it's possible the most important macro command to have.

Intimidating Shout#showtooltip Intimidating Shout/cast [nomod, @target][mod:shift, @focus][] Intimidating shout It is important to have the last set of square brackets before the ability name, with no text inside them, otherwise the macro doesn't work.

However, the 10% damage reduction in D-Stance is good to have if you are going defensive anyways. Intervene to your team mates without targetting them.

Disarm#showtooltip Disarm /cast [stance:2] Disarm; [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance(Hit macro twice if you are in Battle or Zerker Stance)Not much to say except try to be behind the target if possible, because even with a high expertise rating it can get dodged or parried. Feel free to use a different modifier for the second party member.

I suppose you could add a modifier to prevent you from switch back to B-Stance but personally, I wouldn't go for Zerker.

Dunno if this macro has been mentioned before: Rallying Cry Enraged Regeneration#showooltip Enraged Regeneration (or Rallying Cry)/cast Rallying Cry/cast Enraged Regeneration/use Healthstone This is a simple macro which uses Rallying Cry which doesnt proc Global Cooldown in combination with Enraged Regeneration which restore a % of your health, in this case it heals more as your health pool is bigger thanks to Rallying Cry.

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