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If you pay on time, your teen’s credit will improve.

If you consistently miss payments, you’ll damage your teen’s credit.

For the past few days, 0x Omar has been doing his best to terrorize Israel with massive leaks of credit card information.

On January 3rd, he hacked Israel's biggest sports website and posted a link to a file containing 400,000 Israeli credit card numbers. Israel kills Israeli innocent people, it's what their government do, it's their daily business, they do not obey any law, international law, so I want to harm them in ANY way I can How did you steal so many credit cards? It took me about 6 months to find targets and hack them. I'm currently talking with you from a VPS I purchased by Israeli cards.

I saw, but don't remember names Alright, well I guess those are all the questions I have. no for now, thanks How was this interview compared to the others? not really, will read articles and look for more Israeli servers to own, make ready my last leak :)Sounds like a blast.

But if you have trouble keeping up, it’s probably better not to add authorized users at all.

This enraged 0x Omar, who press release he had a million in total.

He also posted his email address, which I emailed this afternoon.

You can help your teen build an impressive credit history before they reach adulthood.

Just add them as an authorized user on your account and consistently make payments on time.

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Legally, no one can get a credit card on their own unless they’re at least 18 years old.

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