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When the reporters tried to interview her, she shot back in frustration: “You are making it worse! ” The collapsing wall between the online identities of the protesters and their real-life violence seems perfect for this moment in media, and this moment in the post-truth reality that Trump has ushered in with his presidency.One friend of mine from college, who has settled back in Charlottesville, met me for a drink on Monday night.“This is exactly what I was worried about when Trump was elected,” he admitted.“Can you imagine another group of people other than white men who could have done what these protesters did and not only not been policed, but not been beaten by the police?

“The whole thing was meant to shore up courage to participate the next day,” Jennifer Tidwell, a local artist and U. Then they narrowed the exit options to just the back door, and finally, told everyone that they had to stay until the violence outside died down. They quickly surrounded the statue and drowned out the counter-protesters.” Jason Lappa, a freelance photographer, was there to document the scene. “And then all of these supremacists had mace,” he continued.The only visible change on Sunday, the day after the main violence ended here, was a makeshift poster that now obstructed Lee’s name with a suggested replacement: Heather Heyer Park, the 32-year-old Virginia woman who was mowed down on Saturday by James Alex Fields Jr. Heyer was dead, Fields was being held in the local jail, awaiting arraignment, but Lee sat unperturbed, atop his horse staring off in the distance. held a rally here to once again protest the statue’s removal.Lee’s statue was erected as one of four sculptures donated to the city by Paul Goodloe Mc Intire, a Charlottesville native and U. dropout who became a successful stockbroker and a generous donor to the university. chapter in Charlottesville, which happened just a few years before it was erected. Around 50 Klan members faced several hundred counter-protesters, and police made 23 arrests and used tear gas to disperse the crowds.The immediate inspiration for the statue was not declared, but it is seen by most residents here as a response to the founding of a local K. The statue has been a focal point since earlier this year when a local high-school student started a petition for its removal. alum who came to national prominence when he hosted a Nazi rally in Washington shortly after Donald Trump’s election, subsequently led a torch-lit rally to protest its removal. In June, Lee Park was renamed Emancipation Park by the City Council.The City Council, after some back and forth, voted to have it sold. Similarly, the Jackson Park, named after Stonewall Jackson, was renamed Justice Park.

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This past Sunday, parents walked through the downtown pedestrian mall with their children, patrons enjoyed drinks outside, and some U. students started to arrive early back to school and move into their dorm rooms.

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