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Guaranteed contacts of real Indian women seeking men.It is a non-governmental cultural and common linguistic region in southern Nigeria.Due to the native common linguistic standard and interrelated cultures in Igboland, pre-dating the arrival of Europeans, the lower Niger River, which divides Igboland into unequal eastern and western parts, has from ancient times continued to provide easy means of communication, trading and unity amongst Igbos on both sides of the Niger River, Early settlement of Igboland dates back to 6000 BC based on early pottery work found in the Okigwe, Oka Igwe, and known today as Awka.Some local Villagers retains the Original name, like Umuzuoka, The Blacksmiths Ezioka, Okigwe, Imoka, etc. There is, however, evidence of Palaeolithic man settling in southern Nigeria from at least 10,000 years ago.Igboland's culture has been shaped primarily by its rainforest climate, its ancient trade, migration, and social history within its various clans and peoples, and with its ancient trading neighbours, allies and lately with Europeans. Similarly, "after our salutations, I spoke of friendship, of trade, and of education, and particularly enlarged upon the evils of war, and the benefits of peace, all of which was well received", remarked William B.Balkie when signing a trade agreement with Igbo chief, Ezebogo in Asaba on August 30, 1885.Culturally, it is divided into several subgroupings, including the Anioma, Ngwa, Edda Egbebu, Ezaa, Ibeku, Ohuhu, Omuma and the Ekpeye.William Balfour Baikie remarked that "in Igbo[land] each person hails, as a sailor would say, from the particular district where he was born, but when away from home all are Igbos.

It is primarily situated in the Lowland forest region of Nigeria, with parts in the Niger-Delta, where the Niger river fans out into the Atlantic Ocean in a vast network of creeks and mangrove swamps on the Bight of Bonny.

Igboland was part of the Southern Nigeria Protectorate of the British Empire and was amalgamated into modern-day Nigeria in 1914; the nation gained independence in 1960.

Shortly afterwards Igboland was involved in its biggest war during Biafra's movement for secession, which eventually ended in 1970 when this area rejoined Nigeria. Baikie said, "I seized the moment, and, by our interpreter, told Tshukuma, that we had come to make his acquaintance and his friendship, and to ascertain if the people were willing to trade with us", whilst signing a trade agreement with Igbo chief, Mr Tshukuma (Chukwuma) Obi from Aboh clan, who were one of the leading Igbo clans, engaged in early active trading with Europe.

Much of the Igbo population is believed to have migrated from a smaller area in this region, starting several independent Igbo-speaking tribes, village-groups, kingdoms and states.

The movements were generally broken into two trends in migration: a more northerly spread group towards the banks of the Niger and the upper quadrant of the Cross River; the other, following a southerly trail had mostly risen from the Isu populations based nearer the axis from which the majority of southern Igbo communities were populated.

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