Oberlin dating scene

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Oberlin dating scene

Two songs he learned from Mc Coy would later be among his best known: "My Black Mama" and "Preachin' the Blues".Another source of inspiration was Rube Lacey, a much better known performer who had recorded for Columbia Records in 1927 (no titles were released) and for Paramount Records in 1928 (two titles were released).– October 19, 1988) was an American delta blues singer and guitarist, noted for his highly emotional style of singing and slide guitar playing.After years of hostility to secular music, as a preacher and for a few years also as a church pastor, he turned to blues performance at the age of 25.In later years, he was still angry about his marriage and said of Carrie, "She wasn't nothin' but one of them New Orleans whores".House's resentment of farming extended to the many menial jobs he took as a young adult.

The one job he enjoyed was on a Louisiana horse ranch, which later he celebrated by wearing a cowboy hat in his performances.

At the age of nineteen, while living in the Delta, he married Carrie Martin, an older woman from New Orleans.

This was a significant step for House; he married in church and against family opposition.

His father, Eddie House, Sr., was a musician, playing the tuba in a band with his brothers and sometimes playing the guitar.

He was a church member but also a drinker; he left the church for a time, on account of his drinking, but then gave up alcohol and became a Baptist deacon.

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He quickly developed a unique style by applying the rhythmic drive, vocal power and emotional intensity of his preaching to the newly learned idiom.