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Only male in saudi arabia dating

Dual nationality is not legally recognised in Saudi Arabia, which may limit the ability of officials to provide consular services.

If you are a dual national, you will be recognised as a citizen of the passport which you used to enter Saudi Arabia, as this will be on your visa.

If you are a British citizen living in Saudi Arabia, you must hold a valid British passport.

If you are in Saudi Arabia on a permanent basis, you need to obtain an exit visa every time you wish to leave the country for any purpose.

A husband can sponsor his wife and children if he has a profession that allows him to do so.

It is illegal to work without your sponsor being noted on your Iqama.

The sponsor usually processes the Iqama within three months of the date of entry to Saudi Arabia.

Any foreign citizen wishing to resign from employment before the end of the probation period should refer to their employment contract or seek legal advice.

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Some spouses work without transferring their sponsorship to their employer, but this can lead to legal difficulties.

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