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Reasonable dating age

That's because proving something to yourself and the world at large just became more important than the age difference or even the relationship itself, and scoring a relationship with somebody young enough to be your own child is merely a means of accomplishing the proof you hope to achieve and the perceptions you want to maintain. Same applies, but best results seem to occur when the difference is no more than 10 years. He was attractive and looked great for mid 50s but you could STILL TELL he was in his mid 50s. My mother is 56 and is in a relationship with a guy I went to high school with. Personally I'd go as low as 30 and as high as 55 but my preference is for a man /- five or so years of my age.Othwerwise why would you take the time to point out you only look 15 years older than your intended target when you are actually 20 years older??? Most women seem to search up to 10 years older, so I figured that realistically that was what the norm was. Just because you look GOOD does not mean you look YOUNG. I don't find age differences creepy unless the age of the other person is viewed as some sort of trophy which I suspect could possibly be the motives of the OP.I am 46 and I tend to lean toward men who are in their early to mid-fifties.I have never been very interested in younger men or those who are my age.

My advice is date who ever you can get who you are happy with at any age just dont lie about your age and make yourself younger. I've dated younger, older, and same age, and if anything I find a greater sex drive in older women, or at least a more healthy approach to it.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...because if you base things on more than sex, such as mutual goals and level of maturity, that calculation will not work. for me 7 down and 10 up as all possibilities depending on the person... I have seen very handsome/ fit 65 and 70 year old men. I came across a profile recently where the woman was 47 and she said she looked "much" younger.( no longer looking)That age thing is not the end all as there is so much more to consider... I think I read somewhere that the most successful age gap was where the woman was 5 years younger although I have no idea how many couples they looked at to compile the study But I have to admit that where I've been older by between 3 and 8 years has tended to be the better relationships I've had so maybe theres some truth in it So you are over 21 and free to make your own choices, so date as young as you think you can, if that is truly what you want, but that has always been your option, and you don't need our permission. Second, I've never seen anyone who thinks they could pass for someone ten years younger who actually looks that young. I can tell from your post that you're not interested in anyone your own age, so just try asking out someone you think is hot enough for you. Based on her photos, she looked "much" older to me.

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Freud would say that's because I was raised by my dad who was an older man when I was born.