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Pinned Down and Abused for being strange - Simply, people judge because they don't understand. I'm pretty sure this song is about someone who has sex with a prostitute and then falls in love with her and she of course doesn't reciprocate. I would have to say that the song is about somebody who is in a relationship with somebody that he/she is very deeply in love with another person but the other person is not "in love" with him/her, so person one is very very deeply in love, like, marriage status but person two still loves person one as just a boyfriend/girlfriend, nothing for, thus goes "our love is no other than me alone for me all day".

Hints lyrics like "Pay me now, lay me down" and "Our love is no other than me alone for me all day."A better interpretation: This song is about a personal strategy of devoting one self to a paticular cause (religion, work, school, a girl) in the hopes that there will be some reward, only to be dissapointed to find out there is no reward accept social isolatin. "our love is like water pinned down and abused for being strange", I believe has two meanings, one is that this form of love is one sided, person one may think person two is takeing advantage of him/her because person one knows that he/she would do absolutely anything for person two so he/she may think person two is toying with him/her though in his heart he/she knows for certain that person two is not.

I think tht he has a strong love for this woman, but realizes, despite his self desception, tht it has a hollowness to it. Dosnt make the sone ne less beautiful though.~Muffinberry Wow, talk about vague song lyrics,but Good song lyrics.

This girl is out of his league and therefor he keeps the crush to himself i.e. LIVE lyrics are always so open to various interpretations! "our love is no other than me alone for me all day".So this love that this being has for him and that he has for this being is abused for or considered " Strange' by other people. He is also saying in the verses " Our is love no other, than me alone for all day" he is like saying this being's love is no other than me alone hence him alone loving this being, and "for me all day "hence this being only haveing love for him all day which why he says " Our love" .He's describing the love that him and this being have for each other. All over you(him being all over this being) All over me(this being or person being all over him) the sun , the fields, the sky which is like the world revolving around them as one.. I feel that it's about a love people just don't understand, regardless of the receiver.Our Love is like Water = our love is necessary in order to live. I quite enjoy this song, I think it's a subtle yet hidden love song.

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"our love is no other than me alone for me all day," a one sided relationship... I think it is about a guy who does have a love shared with another, that's not understood or easily accepted by others. He tends to want far more than he can ever have "i've often tried to hold the sea, the sun, the fields, the tide"... like she could have had you instead."our love is like water pinned down and abused for being strange" Water itself is a very strange molecule and is not fully understood why it is the way it is but if it were any different, life wouldn't exist.