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"Or you're bored," she stated and I chuckled softly at her response, continuing to stab at my salad. " She whispered, her rosy, glossy lips raised into a smirk. "Jee thanks pal," I retorted sarcastically, poking at my unsatisfying shake with the straw. And that 'boyfriend' of yours should be taking care of you." She scolded, glaring at his back in the distance. " She pondered, staring hard into my eyes, and I could here sincere concern in her sweet voice.

"Or maybe I'm the asshole," I teased and the red haired girl, who was even a year older than George, leaned forward yet again. "Maybe I'm using him..." I took a sip from my 'low fat' milk shake, all curtesy to Jack and his incessant habit of controlling my eating habits.

At the end of my week long grounding, Mrs Weasley found herself feeling guilty, to which I told her not to, but she didn't listen and instead granted me a sleepover at Jack's.

I turned back to smile at Jack, his shirt the only thing clinging to my sweaty body, and I then closed the door.

My feet darted to the sink and I grossly wrapped my mouth around the faucet, turning the tap and filling my mouth with ice cold water.

I remained hunched over the sink for who knows how long, just gulping down water in desperation.

Time spent with Jack was beginning to feel like nothing but a task- a chore and I had already started loathing his company after just a single month of dating him.

"I don't know..." I trailed, tossing my salad with my fork in boredom.

Is it possible for things to go back to they way they once were? I READ THEM ALL AND IT MAKES ME SMILE SO MUCH YOU DON' T EVEN UNDERSTAND!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR CUTE LIL COMMENTS- WHETHER THEY ARE DEEP OR FUNNY LIL COMMENTS ON WHAT' S HAPPENING!"Even in that short amount of time I can see you don't like the guy- everyone can see it in your eyes when you look at him. " She questioned me with a quizzical stare and my eyes shot to her in a frantic state, whilst my foot planted a whack to her shin. " I yelled in a whisper and I glared down at my salad, which I hadn't even wanted in the first place. ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- Outside of the dream my skin still seemed to boil.It was exactly a week ago when the night terror that woke the residents of The Burrow possessed me, and after sneaking off to work the next day despite Mr and Mrs Weasley forbidding me, Mrs Weasley ground me for 'an entire week!

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For just this moment I was okay, as Jack carried me to the bed and threw me down, jumping on top of me- rendering me powerless.