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Most likely, each crewman's sea chest doubled as a rowing bench (right).

Oarholes were sealed when not in use by covers that rotated in place to keep out water (left).

Images of ships show up on jewelry (right), on memorial stones (left), and on coins from the Viking age.

The photos show the oars for the slendingur, which was no longer afloat when the photos were taken.

The oarholes of the Gokstad ship were only 40cm (16 inches) above the deck.

The crew's shields may have been arrayed along the gunwales, held in place by a shield rack outboard of the ship.

This kept them out of the way, but also provided some slight additional protection against wind and waves.

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The Marina was established in 1920 as a base for those sportsmen who found the lake to be the answer to a trout fisherman's dream.

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