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Matthew Bender is a registered trademark of Matthew Bender Properties Inc. The resulting increase in the size of the cumulative supplement for Title 18 has made it necessary to revise this volume. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY TITLE 18 MICHIE Lexis Nexis and the knowledge burst logo are registered trade- marks, and MICHIE is a trademark of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used under license. 4222612 ISBN 0-820-58884-9 (Pub.42205) PUBLISHER'S NOTE Since the publication in 1997 of Replacement Title 18, many laws have been amended or repealed and many new laws have been enacted. Forgery and Counterfeiting §§ 18-3601 — 18-3620 37. Cruelty to Animals [Amended and Redesignated or Repealed] 22. Firearms, Explosives and Other Deadly Weapons §§ 18-3301 — 18-3324 34. Forcible Entry and Detainer §§ 18-3501, 18-3502 36. This publication contains annotations taken from decisions of the Idaho Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, and the appropriate federal courts, posted on as of March 25, 2004. These cases will be printed in the following reports: Pacific Reporter, 3rd Series Federal Supplement, 2nd Series Federal Reporter, 3rd Series United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Edition, 2nd Series Additionally, annotations have been taken from the following sources: American Law Reports, 5th Series, through Volume 113 American Law Reports, Federal Series, through Volume 189 Opinions of Attorney General, 2002-2 Following is an explanation of the abbreviations of the Court Rules used throughout the Idaho Code. To better serve our customers by making our annotations more current, Lexis Nexis has changed the sources that are read to create annotations for this publication. Rather than waiting for cases to appear in printed reporters, court decisions are now being read as they are released by the courts.

Abandonment or Nonsupport of Wife or Children §§ 18-401 — 18-410 5. This infuriated Miller, who confronted the teenager. I guess he thought he could get away with something.”“Maybe I overreacted. A scuffle ensued, and Miller punched the teenager in the arm so hard it left a black and blue mark. By completing this entry form I accept the Idaho Press-Tribune's Challenge to invest at least 0 of my holiday shopping budget locally instead of outside of Canyon County.I agree to invest my 0 locally between November 5th through December 25th 2017.

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