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When it came out on the news people who knew me were kind of like “we didn’t know it was a secret” *Laughs*. I think that was one of the biggest things that helped me get along and cope.Especially being able to confide in my friends and my family.DT: Within the LGBT community, I’ve talked to older people who don’t like the word because it has a negative emotional attachment for them.In the conversations I’ve had, they don’t like the word and I respect that, but they’re also understanding of why I choose to use it.For so long LGBTQ culture revolved around the white gay male.

DT: Well, I like that there’s starting to be more of us in the media.

It was something that, (growing up) I thought everyone felt and in reality, no one really talked about it.

As I got older people started telling me that having those feelings were wrong.

But then I think about some of the girls I went to college with- girls who were 100% lesbian back then and are now happily married to a man. It is something that embraces the fluidity of sexuality and understanding that we love a person or a soul, and sometimes our love is not strictly based on the sex of that person or soul. Actually most of my closest friends here in Kentucky knew.

My last boyfriend knew, my best friend Pauli knew and my Mom and brother knew.

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Djuan is a FAB and interviewing her was an absolute pleasure.

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