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The diagram showed the anterior and posterior body sides, and the head was presented from front and side (left and right) positions to allow an unequivocal marking of the location of the lesion [18, 19].

The SMS provided the detailed anatomical site of 1287 melanoma (90% of the 1428 questionnaires issued), for which demographic, epidemiological and clinical data were obtained by linkage with the cancer registries files.

After exclusion of 33 lesions arising in unspecified, multiple or contiguous sites, and 25 melanoma whose site was insufficiently detailed [seven trunk not otherwise specified (NOS), 12 upper limbs NOS, six lower limbs NOS], this study included 1658 melanoma (89% of all incident cases registered in these cantons over the time period considered).

By covering urban, rural and alpine regions, German- and Latin-speaking communities, participating Swiss registries (five out of nine centres) satisfactorily included geographical, socioeconomical and lifestyle factors associated with melanoma [18].

The density of tumours on the cheek and jaw was three-fold in women as compared with men ( = 0.44).

Reversely, melanoma occurrence was commoner among males than females for the scalp and neck areas, as well as the shoulder and most subregions of the trunk.

A set of standard skin surface proportions for 18 anatomical regions integrating sun exposure patterns and common coding systems is proposed.

The highest density of tumours occurred on the face, with RMD of 3.7 and 5.6 for males and females, respectively.

Patients and methods: The precise site of 1658 primary malignant melanoma, registered from 1995 to 2002, in Switzerland were retrieved and clinically validated.

Relative melanoma density (RMD) was computed by the ratio of observed to expected number of melanoma allowing for body site surface areas, and further adjusted for site-specific melanocyte density.

The anatomical body site of cutaneous melanoma is of importance because (i) it is an independent prognostic factor [1], (ii) site-specific trends may be indicative of some impact of early detection and preventive measures and (iii) mostly, it is one of the best surrogates for assessing the pattern of sun exposure (chronic versus intermittent) [2–5].

The uneven distribution of melanoma on the body, however, cannot be explained by differences in sun exposure alone [6].

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Division of the human body took into account (i) sun exposure and clothing patterns, (ii) anatomical regions for which the percent body surface areas (BSAs) were already measured or estimated [22–24] and (iii) current coding practices and coding systems used by cancer registries [21, 25].

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