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NHS England says it needs to record the sexual orientation of adults to fulfil its legal duties to provide equally for gay people.

However, some warned of a backlash against intrusion into the private lives of 45m people, with one expert saying the state has “no business in our bedrooms”.

My philosophy is that I don’t put anything out there that I don’t feel comfortable owning or can’t back up.

Everything online contributes to the representation of your story and context of who you are.

If a boss crosses the line or abuse you in any way, go to HR—period.

If this arrangement is not satisfactory for you, then definitely look around.They will also need to be realistic about paying well if they want to keep good producers available for their work.Wendy Giuffre says, the contract workforce is needed and very important, but they are typically also the first to go when times get tough.Your interaction with your superiors affects both your health and your performance.This can also bleed over into your other relationships as well.


In general, it’s good to remember that employers are also looking at all your other social media (or anything else that’s public) to get a sense of whom you are and if you’ll be a good fit.