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Let the teasing do the talking, and leave all the action for later.

[Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talking and saying the naughtiest things] #7 Do keep it real. Always text something that you really plan on doing, so there is follow through.

If your man texts you that he had a rough day at work, don’t respond by saying, “Oooh, I’m so horny honey.” Show that you are responsive not only when he’s being kinky and frisky, but that you’re also there for him when he’s down or if he just needs someone to talk to and lean on in not-so-good-and-sexy times.

Start with subtlety, let him get into it, and enjoy the show!

[Read: Sexy, naughty sexting games to leave you both horny all night long] #6 Don’t give away too much.

Despite the tension that you build up by describing what you’re wearing, be careful to still leave something to his imagination.

Instead of saying you want to stroke his thighs and run your fingers on his hard chest, you might end up saying you want to string his things and ruin your fingerlings on his harvest. ” try to make an impression by putting some more “oomph” and thought to your message.

Double check that autocorrect hasn’t completely ruined your message—or your sex life. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to put some well-placed emojis. ” would get an upgrade and a naughtier innuendo if you add a winking emoticon and even a horny devil in the end.

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