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My Mom's eyes went wide when she felt me squirt inside her tummy. I left my cock inside my Mom as we kissed after our hot lovemaking session. All my sauce came spilling out of my Mom's spent pussy. Mom said that my Dad and her rarely had sex these days. I broke the spell that day when I fucked her senseless. It was the first of many sessions in bed with my mother. I was actually satisfying my mother's needs And she had needs alright. I did remember that I was taking my Mom with my bare cock. I ended up unloading my cum stream inside my Mom's pussy.Gegenwärtig verwenden Sie die Flash-Version des Chats: diese besitzt den kompletten Funktionsumfang und ist optimiert.Wenn Sie mit der Funktion des Flash Players auf Ihrem Computer unglücklich sind, versuchen Sie bitte auf die HTML5-Version der Seite umzuschalten, indem Sie auf den "Kippschalter" klicken.

"Suck on it Mom, you know you want to." I didn't really know any such thing. I finally felt like I was in control of a woman for the first time of my life. I pulled out and placed my hands on my Mom's shoulders.

I was going to make sure I was the person providing it. I could feel one orgasm after another as my mother's body shook from being fucked by me. There is nothing like playing with your mother's large tits as she slams down hard on your cock. She actually told me she was thinking about getting a divorce. He hated to split the money and property but he could finally be with his girlfriend full time. We found a small house that we could rent for the time being. Mom even lost a few pounds and the fucking is even better now. Mom screamed the whole time but she got a large load of cream the first time we did it that way. I may even impregnate my Mom if I can convince her to stop taking her pills.

Her pussy muscles went into overdrive as she was squeezing my prick dry of my white seed. Afterwards, Mom just rested there until she calmed down. I soon fell in love with my Mom mounting me as I gripped her big mounds. Soon, Mom didn't miss my father being around at all. I think my Dad was shocked and relieved by the news. She would beg for my cock nearly every time I buried my rod into her pussy.

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She finally took it in her hand and began to stroke me. I had seen porn videos where guys slapped their cockheads against the woman's mouth.

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