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Lee Clan Association: 363 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208994 Ann Siang Hill is a popular hangout for those looking for restaurants and bars, but in the past, it used to be a spice hill. In fact, there are still a couple of cinnamon trees around, which you can spot on the red-lined walkway after entering from the Ann Siang Hill Park entrance at Ann Siang road.Spice trade used to be very popular, and the hill was renamed many times by its respective buyers, until Chia Ann Siang came to own it.Check out the Chinese lantern procession, Indian milk traders and the sampan figurines while taking a leisurely walk in that park.Statues at Telok Ayer Green: Along 158 Telok Ayer St Having visited this temple in my secondary school days, I actually remember one very interesting fact that stuck with me since then – that it was built without any nails!Chinese Opera used to be wildly popular in the past, as entertainment, for storytelling, and even a means to secretly communicate ideas that went against the ruler or the government.In this very same hotel used to be a place for secret societies to meet up and negotiate as well.It was almost like finding a family in a foreign place, because you would share similar surnames and even dialects in the same clan.Sadly, clan houses have mostly closed or moved away from the area, thanks to rising costs of land.

The temple used to be right by the shoreline, Find out more about the stories of the temple and its deities when you visit!

Thien Hock Keng Temple: 158 Telok Ayer St, 068613 One defining thing about Singaporeans is that we love our food.

Chicken rice, laksa, chilli crab, bak kut teh, etcetra.

Until recently I used to think that going out to Singapore’s cultural spots like Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam and other tourist attractions were pretty pointless.

Well, who can forget their multiple outings to these places when studying in primary and secondary school?

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You can also see the last remaining water well in Singapore here, from which water was drawn and transported by bullock carts.