Sky hd box anytime not updating information on dating after divorce

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Sky hd box anytime not updating

Try pausing or recording again, and if the problem persists disconnect the digibox from the mains power.Press and hold the 'left' and 'right' navigation buttons on the front of the digibox whilst you reconnect the mains power.Turn “ON” your Sky box at the mains and you will see the “power” light will turn amber while the box is powering up.Now wait for at least four minutes and after that press the “Sky button” on your Sky Tv remote.

And if there is no “WPS” button, then choose the “on demand connector” you have: In both these cases you have to follow the above steps from 1 to 15.

Continue holding the buttons in for about 20 seconds, and when the ring of light on the front comes on, press the 'select' button on the front of the digibox (between the left and right buttons you were holding).

The Sky recording logo lights will spin backwards and, according to the Sky engineer, this will "clear the hard drive".

After highlighting use the “left or right “ arrow keys to turn “ON” the settings.

Use the “green” button your Sky Tv remote to save the settings.

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If your Sky Tv On Demand problem is not solved, contact the Sky technical expert on Sky customer services phone number: 08.