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Smalltalkdating com

For example, saying "I talked with John who has Asperger's" rather than "I talked to John the Aspie".

Putting the person first, before the disorder, is important to many people who either see it as just another trait such as hair or eye color or don't want to define the person by what they see as a disease that he or she has.

They may not have the same empathic connection to the world as you do, but they sure are good at working out how other people think (partly because they had to put so much more effort into working it out in their youth; talent is cheap).

It's something of a 50/50 whether an Aspie wishes they weren't, or they may actually on Neurotypical people, thinking of them as mindless sheep following the status quo, dishonest and arrogant, or even cruel and insensitive.

Likewise, the term "Neurotypical" is sometimes used as an in joke by people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders to refer to people who aren't diagnosed with one, and some use it as an insult or slur.The severity of Asperger's and autism varies, hence the "autistic spectrum" (some refer to Asperger's as "autism-lite").Some people are lucky enough to have a mild enough case that, although it affects how they live and interact, they can also deal with society as a whole while others may have severe enough cases that they require close and near-constant supervision and won't interact much at all with anyone.The irony here is that AS is characterized by an absence of social empathy and that copying others' behavior unconsciously is socially empathetic.It's important to note that while Aspies can be very nice, open people, that doesn't mean they're all nice all the time, or that they're naive.

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Try to upset them deliberately and you'll rarely get the reaction you expected, because the two most confusing emotions for Aspies are sorrow and anger.

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