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Spamcure not updating

Experts think the drug could now hold the key to solving the “multiple mechanisms” behind the disease.

The drug, administered by insulin pen, is now being tested on 206 people at 20 UK hospitals with participants undergoing tests to assess its effect on memory and thinking.

Glucose metabolism is one of several disease “markers” with the brain unable to utilise sugar as it takes hold.

A 26-week test on 38 patients – some given a 1.8mg daily dose of the drug and others a placebo – provided “proof in principle” that liraglutide halts the progression of Alzheimer’s.

No previous study has shown such a dramatic effect.

It means the drug could be given to those at risk, or showing the first signs of dementia, to provide a lifetime of normal mental function.

If the results are positive liraglutide – also used as an appetite suppressant and weight loss aid – could be fast-tracked as the first licensed dementia treatment in 12 years.

The trials are led by Dr Paul Edison, consultant physician at Imperial College, London, with results expected in 2018.

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As chairman of the department of neurology and neurological sciences at Stanford, Longo knows how destructive Alzheimer's can be.

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