Speed dating central massachusetts

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Speed dating central massachusetts

Shafts were usually horizontal and overhead but occasionally were vertical and could be underground.Shafts were usually rigid steel, made up of several parts bolted together at flanges.She will kill you, and you will be smiling." Go see her with us. Here’s a great chance to scope out potential hookups on the dance floor. First you have to show up, because as we say: “You won’t get anywhere sitting alone in your hotel room.” Who knows, you may get lucky early in the weekend - IF you come to the party.SINGLE’S DUNE TOUR AM–11AMTickets: We’re chartering Art’s fleet of dune trucks for a special, just-single-women, one and a half hour, narrated tour of the breathtaking dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park.Power was distributed from the shaft to the machinery by a system of belts, pulleys and gears known as millwork. The fixed pulley on the upper shaft is driven at constant speed by a belt from the power source.The loose pulley ('idler') allows the machine to be stopped in isolation – necessary for changing speed.The belts were generally tanned leather or cotton duck impregnated with rubber.

Flat belts on flat pulleys or drums were the most common method during the 19th and early 20th centuries.Margarita Happiness 4PMHarbor Lounge 359 Commercial St.DANCE PARTY 9PMTickets: - Pied, 193 Commercial Street Did somene catch your eye? Come dance, mingle, and flirt with other single women who are also in town looking for someone - perhaps someone like you.The shafts were suspended by hangers with bearings at certain intervals of length.The distance depended on the weight of the shaft and the number of pulleys.

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