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I dont have any valid ids aside from my passport, and a police clearance id expiring a day before my flight, i requested for an nbi clearance for immigration purposes and will try to get a brgy id and philhealth, will these help?Hi everyone I was offloaded yesterday by this heartless officer(So emotional that I wasnt able to get her name) I planned to go to jeju island to enjoy a week vacation there alone.Since she is travelling with me, do I still need to get that affidavit or she'll be exempted??

I don't have any nuisance record to our country and why they treat me like that???Go to your leader and demand this nonsense be ended. I ask the officer this is not our fault as passenger it your systems have big problem then what we are going to do about this that our plane already depart? Lapas simply said no need to worry after you clear your name from our side you can fly anytime you just re-book your air ticket but when I ask him is this fully refundable?He said you need to talk the Cebu Pacific staff then I run to the office of Cebu Pacific for re-booking of my ticket ASAP so that I can attend of my sisters wedding but the staff told me "sorry sir the re-booking of your ticket there is a charged of 5k all together with the travel tax, I really SHOUT!She is apparently trying to apply for a working visa. I feel helpless to stop my son from making a huge mistake. Only in the Philippines is she stopped at the boarding gate and told that she must obtain a certified affidavit from the Philippine Embassy in India, some 1,500 km away from me, before she can enter the country!! The airplane company voided the plane tickets and refuses to give me a refund, because "it wasn't their fault." Now I am literally forced to hire a local Indian, which absolutely sucks. Is it possible for him to travel without any hassle given that his documents such as Visa and ticket are linked to his old passport and is now having a renewed one? I have my step dad sponsoring my Visa, he's not a Filipino.Is there any other paper requirements that will be needed before I could travel.

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I brought my company ID, my COE, my leave letter, I have 20,000 thousand pesos in my pocket, return tickets and booked hotel( Mind you that the 7days stay at the hotel was already paid and I have the receipt with me) the only thing that I dont have is a credit card so I used my friends credit card to buy me the tickets and hotel reservations , THAT TRIGGERED THE FIRST OFFICER AND GRAB A PIECE OF PAPER.

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