Sql 2016 updating a substring in a char field

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drop function insert2; DELIMITER //CREATE FUNCTION insert2(str text, pos int, delimit varchar(124)) RETURNS text DETERMINISTICBEGIN DECLARE i INT DEFAULT 1; DECLARE str_len INT; DECLARE out_str text default ''; SET str_len=length(str); WHILE(i SET out_str=CONCAT(out_str, SUBSTR(str, i,pos), delimit); SET i=i pos; END WHILE; -- trim delimiter from end of string SET out_str=TRIM(trailing delimit from out_str); RETURN(out_str); END//DELIMITER ;select insert2("ATGCATACAGTTATTTGA", 3, " ") as seq2; NULL) returns 0 (zero) if the field is not null and 1 (one) if the field is null.

Adding 1 (one) to this result provides positional information that fits what 'elt' will return "not null" (position 1) if the evaluation of ((field1 NULL) 1) = 2This can be altered to output messages based on any test that I've tried.

I got the below function, which will give me the mcv value.

DELIMITER //DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS get_mcv; CREATE FUNCTION get_mcv (list text(10000)) RETURNS text(1000)BEGIN DECLARE cnt int(10); DECLARE iter_cnt int(10); DECLARE item text(100); DECLARE f_item text(100); DECLARE prv_cnt int(10) default 0; DECLARE nxt_cnt int(10) default 0; IF list=' ' THEN RETURN list; END IF; select substr Count(list,',') 1 into cnt; SET iter_cnt = 1; while cnt --------------------------------------------------- | get_mcv("dsfds,dsfds,fdfds,dfdsf,sd,df,df,df,df") | --------------------------------------------------- | df | --------------------------------------------------- A field may contain delimited values that may be used with ' IN' operator in a where clause.

However each of the values need to be nested within single quote(').

CREATE FUNCTION substr Count(s VARCHAR(255), ss VARCHAR(255)) RETURNS TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED LANGUAGE SQL NOT DETERMINISTIC READS SQL DATABEGIN DECLARE count TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED; DECLARE offset TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED; DECLARE CONTINUE HANDLER FOR SQLSTATE '02000' SET s = NULL; SET count = 0; SET offset = 1; REPEAT IF NOT ISNULL(s) AND offset delimiter ; Use like this: SELECT substr Count('/this/is/a/path', '/') `count`;`count` would return 4 in this case.Just remember that 'elt' returns null or 1 for a comparison so you need to add 1 (one) to that result to be able to choose between different messages.As above I couldn't find a function for splitting strings based on a character set rather than string position, where the results were independent of substring lengths.

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There isn't a split function so using the other comments here I've devised this: SELECT DISTINCT REVERSE(LEFT(REVERSE(email), LOCATE('@', REVERSE(email)) - 1)) AS domain FROM table ORDER BY domain Reverses email, counts the characters from left minus the @.