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The surface tension will make it stick to your face like the world’s most disgusting beard.So it’s very important that you hold the bag all the way around your mouth if you do want to get sick.

The thing is, once the plane takes off, then the adrenaline kicks in and then all of a sudden those side effects go away and you can go back to worrying about getting sick again. A hundred different research scientists of one kind or another wanting to do experiments in zero gravity and so there was all sorts of weird and wonderful equipment.

The first tip is to remember that NASA is a publicly funded organization so it has to get its supplies from the lowest bidder so it is very, very important that you double-check that your sick bag has a bottom before you need to use it.

The second thing that they warned us about had to do with why this flight was special.

The third part, the third tip of getting sick on this flight has to do with the bits where it pulls up because it goes up and then down.

When it goes down, it has to pull back up and in that pull-up phase, you get about two Gs so you feel twice the weight.

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But by the time I go out to the physical plane, I wasn’t nervous anymore. That wasn’t the most nerve-wracking part of the whole experience for me.