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Talk with whores please no email

Here's what Reddit user Secretinternot had to say below."I could've sworn there was artwork like this released for some other merchandise a little while ago.It was still considered a 'what if' story type if I recall correctly.Now, his staff plays him a clip of a new attack by Limbaugh. "The Truth About the Tea Party Jones being Jones, he's not sure the Tucson rampage is as simple as a psychotic snap.In it, the conservative icon bemoans the social rot caused by three films that prominently feature Jones, including "So a conspiracy movie," Limbaugh bellows, "appears to be the most influential media of this young man's life."Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U. Turning over the possibilities sends the tendrils of his anti-government imagination into wild motion. "This kid Loughner disappeared for days at a time before the shooting?in 1983: did Boba Fett survive after falling into the Sarlaac Pit?The movie itself didn't exactly show him die, but many thought there was no way he could escape the Sarlaac pit after falling in during an early scene in , although leaked images from an upcoming LEGO set seems to indicate that Boba Fett did in fact survive that treacherous fall.The endgame, Jones believes, is a mass eugenics operation that will depopulate the planet by poisoning our food and water with fluoride, radioactive isotopes and various futuristic toxic soups being engineered in New World Order laboratories.Those who resist are being tracked by secret, federalized police bunkers known as "fusion centers" that will eventually round up every dissenter and throw them into camps run by the Federal Emergency Management Authority.

Mostly, though, he defaults into machine-gun bursts of rage that crescendo with an adolescent snarl — Holden Caulfield playing Paul has been yelling into microphones and bullhorns more or less continuously, and often at violent volumes, for the past 16 years.

No details were given about this LEGO set, and it may not even be the final artwork, but there has been no confirmation that Boba Fett did in fact make it out of teh Sarlaac Pit alive.

While the character did have a jetpack, it seemingly malfunctioned when Han Solo bumped into him causing the jetpack to go off and this bounty hunter to slide into the Sarlaac Pit.

He'd be in his 60s during the TLJ, that would be a crazy surprise if he made an appearance though. I wouldn't mind a new version of Star Wars 1313 set between ROTJ and TFA. I wouldn't take any single piece of art as definitive proof, if we get some written lore outside of merchandising, then we're talking!

Although with the way EA is raping the their SP games, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing anything until their license exclusivity for shouldn't be lacking in quality and variety of titles on consoles.

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He takes information from me about secret combines and elites and then spins it against big government, but he ignores big business. "Our show was the detonator on the cap of the TSA story, and Drudge was the barrel of the gun," says Jones.

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