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Pollen particles are usually nearly invisible, except in large concentrations, due to their extremely small size.They can survive for hundreds of thousands of years in silty, anaerobic soils, such as mud sediments at the bottom of a lake.a date that places an event in its chronological position with reference to a universal time scale such as a calendar. was 1950 years before the beginning date of the Gregorian calendar, which is commonly used study of annual growth-rings of trees, usually for the purpose of chronometric dating logs found in association with relatively recent archaeological sites.Such dates usually are given in terms of the number of years before or after a calendar starting point. Tree-ring sequences also are used as records of cycles in local climates.a large organic molecule that stores the genetic code for the synthesis of proteins. DNA is composed of sugars, phosphates and bases arranged in a double helix shaped molecular structure. The number of fission tracks is directly proportional to the time since the material cooled from a molten state.

The ratios of these two forms of carbon vary directly with the age of the material.a research instrument primarily used in physics to accelerate streams of charged subnuclear particles to high velocities in order to sort and analyze them.This technique is now also used to count carbon isotope atoms for radiocarbon dating.This technique requires an inexpensive chemical analysis procedure.The effective time range for OCR dating has not yet been male sex spores of flowering plants.

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based on the fact that amino acids progressively change to mirror image forms following the death of an organism--i.e., from L-amino acid to D-amino acid forms.