Updating embedded documents mongodb European adult chat

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This approach is good for simple scenarios, but when you have multiple fields and potentially multiple levels of embedded documents, the condition becomes quite large.Another workaround is to use the $add To Set modifier operation.

Mongo DB doesn’t support unique indexes on embedded documents in the same document.

After losing some hair over this, I decided to seek help.

Luckily, jmikola (one of the developers of Doctrine Mongo DB ODM) replied to my question at

Because if you use the push() call with a document instance, you get a Catchable Fatal Error: Object of class ...

could not be converted to string in /vendor/bundles/Symfony/Bundle/Doctrine Mongo DBBundle/Logger/Doctrine Mongo line 280 error.

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This operation will add a value to an array only when the value doesn’t already exist.

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