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One account balance – “Other Depreciable Property” – remains unlinked from Excel into Word.To link the remaining account balance, begin by selecting cell C22 in Excel and executing a Copy command.Taking care of the common cases is good enough for me. Sub Update All Fields In(doc As Document) '' Update tables. Update Next toc Dim tof As Table Of Figures For Each tof In doc. In fact, it's ok if I have to run the macro two or three times before it stabilizes. We do this first so that they contain all necessary '' entries and so extend to their final number of pages. Update Wend Next sr End Sub '' Update all the fields, indexes, etc. '' This is a parameterless subroutine so that it can be used interactively.Oftentimes, Microsoft Office users desire to integrate Excel and Word so that Excel data links into a Word document, such as account balance data in a financial report that needs to be referenced in a Word document.To begin, consider the data shown below in Figure 1.

Clicking on the “Edit links to Files” text will bring up all the files which are linked into the MS Word document.

Next Story Range '' FIXME: for footnotes, endnotes and comments, I get a pop-up '' "Word cannot undo this action. In fact without the option some fields are updated but not all.

Sub Update All Fields() Update All Fields In Active Document End Sub Working for me now in Word 2010 (where the setting is in“File → Options → Display”).

Then click in the appropriate location in the Word document and click the arrow below the Paste icon on the Home tab of the Ribbon and choose Paste Special.

In the resulting Paste Special dialog box shown in Figure 2, choose Paste Link and Unformatted Text.

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The Edit Links is no longer in the menu/ribbon in Office 2010, you have to turn it on. From All Commands, add "Edit Links to Files" When you insert a picture or movie, from Insert drop down, choose Link to File you can then use the new button to edit the Links (Note: The Update checkboxes are always dimmed for some reason, you cannot choose between Automatic or Manual, which could be handy to insert live graphics from file system [even better, if you can get real time feed from web like the addon liveweb Similarly, you can do it in Word, except there are three options in Insert - Insert, Link to File, Insert and Link.

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