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You can easily see what is stored on your Wii and remove it if necessary or desired.

Be sure you understand what you are removing before diving in and clearing out your Wii, as you may cause a brick.

The We Hack Wii Package is a collection of files meant to aid in hacking your Wii by following the instructions on the USB Loader page.

It is prepared by haruspex, also known as antiaverage on the GBATemp forums.

The contents of 00000001 allow you to install from the SD card in order to speed up the install process or permit those without an Internet connection to perform the installation.

If you are having trouble installing c IOS222 v4, then you may need to delete the This app is for managing the NAND memory on your Wii, allowing you to delete IOS files, channels, saves, etc.

The files are from the NUS (Nintendo Upgrade Server), and are the raw copies of IOS37 v3612, IOS38 v3610, and IOS60 v6174.

When you use the c IOS222 v4 installer, you are given the option to install from your SD card or from the Internet.

IOS21-64-v782 - Used by: old third-party titles (No More Heroes). IOS55-64-v5406 - Used by: Some modern games and channels.

You can learn more about this on the Firmware page.

Some folders are left collapsed for ease of reading, so not all files are displayed.

It is a good idea to have a NAND backup via Boot Mii just in case something goes wrong.

c IOS222 v4 Installer: This is the latest c IOS developed for launching backup titles, giving access to the USB port, the DVD drive, the Game Cube mios, and offers many fixes and improvements over Waninkoko's c IOS.

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Please contact that user if you have any specific questions about the package.

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