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This is done in some other part of the code, namely the Parse method of the Longitude class, and covered later in this tutorial. To do so, again, add a new class to your project and call it “Longitude Masked Text Box.cs”.

For a more in depth look at all those masking elements have a look at MSDNs Masked Text Box. Delete the references you wont need and inherit is initialized outside of the constructor so that other parts of the class will have access to it as well – which is needed later on.

Those three ’0′s tell the mask to accept three (required) digital numbers.

The next mask symbol is a “°” which does not denote anything and therefore is used as literal, that is it appears as itself.

Design via rightclicking on “References” and choosing “Add Reference …” in the Solution Explorer. As a longitudes degree can either be positive or negative this place should always only hold the signature ( ,-) of the degree.

We can not provide errorchecking in the mask and there is no explicit mask symbol only denoting plus and minus.

Mask = "0000000" Dim a As Integer = Val(Masked Text Box1. Mask = "00" Else If Len(str) = 3 Then Masked Text Box3.

Mask = "0" Else If Len(str) = 2 Then Masked Text Box3.

It might be worth mentioning that you will need to add a reference to System. A “#” denotes an optional digit or space or a plus and minus sign.As this struct represents a latitude, you need three fields (degrees (°), minutes (‘) and seconds (“)).Also we need a constructor that passes those three values. It is primarily used by the Form Design Manager to autogenerate code, which is not quite that useful to us as we wont be using this feature as we are creating our own, inherited class, but it can’t hurt to provide the mentioned functionality either.This will future proof your code as much as possible and prepare you for any breaking changes down the road to the internals of the Framework. The Mask property does not allow you to enter Invalid Characters or input data into the Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. Mask = "00,000" Else If Len(str) = 6 Then Masked Text Box3.

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Masked Edit controls are also used to change the format of output that is to be delivered . NET we can get Maskedtextbox If you have defined Mask for validating input or output Then each character position in Masked text box check the validation you provided . Mask = "0,000" Else If Len(str) = 5 Then Masked Text Box3.

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