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They are alleged to have tried to buy up a majority of the company in the days after Mr Hadjicostis was gunned down outside his home in Nicosia last month.

He is accused by a number of senior clergy, among them Bishop Chrysostomos of Paphos, of having had a sexual relationship with a Greek hairdresser when both men were novices in the monastic community of Mount Athos.“This bill is designed to ensure all families are protected and enjoy their human rights.“The European Court of Human Rights made it clear that family today is understood not as only a union between married man and woman and their biological children, but include a whole variety of arrangement’s, including families of same-sex partners and their children.” It comes a year after Cyprus held its first ever Pride event.Sigma TV, the second-most-watched channel in Cyprus, is known for its lurid soap operas and equally lurid approach to the news.In a plot-line to fulfil the channel's wildest fictional, and non-fictional, dreams, a glamorous blonde television presenter is due to go on trial in Cyprus tomorrow accused of plotting the murder of the boss who sacked her.

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One witness told a radio chat show host that he could describe every inch of the bishop's body.

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