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The world of online chatting has gone to a whole new level, with hundreds of different websites popping up all over.

There is also a great variety on the chatting front these days, with options like webcam (video) and live chatting, instant messaging, and voice or audio chatting available.

The following are some websites like Chatroulette that are great alternatives for the same.

Launched in 2009, Omegle allows users to connect with complete strangers from anywhere across the globe.

The site allows a user to chat with as many as 12 people via webcam or numerous voice chats, simultaneously.However, it is not the only good chatting site out there.This Buzzle article lists 10 online chatting websites that are similar to Chatroulette.Don't waste your time reading another boring profile and stop talking to bots in chat rooms... Chatroulette is a very popular webcam chatting site that helps connect people from all over the globe with each other.

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