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Who is andre benjamin dating

S., the War of 1812.18th Century: Benjamin Franklin started the first Hemp paper mill.This allowed America to have its own supply of paper (not from England) for the colonial press.The Marijuana Tax Act is passed, a prohibitive tax on hemp in the USA, effectively destroying the industry.Anslinger testifies to congress that 'Marijuana' is the most violence causing drug known to man.There is no doubt in our minds that, from the beginning of human existence until 1937, hemp was the most important crop that man used.

Then The Czar refuses to enforce the Treaty and turns a blind eye to Britain's illegal trade in Hemp.1812 -- 24th June: Napoleon invades Russia aiming to put an end to Britain's main supply of Hemp.

The fields of hemp were termed victory gardens, as were the backyard vegetable gardens also urged by the government.1943: Both the US and German governments urge their patriotic farmers to grow hemp for the war effort.

The US shows farmers a short film - 'Hemp for Victory' which the government later pretends never existed.

The objections by the American Medical Association (The AMA only realized that 'Marijuana' was in fact Cannabis or Hemp two days before the start of hearing) and the National Oil Seed Institute are rejected.1941: Popular Mechanics Magazine reveals details of Henry Ford's plastic car made using hemp and fueled from hemp.

Henry Ford continued to illegally grow hemp for some years after the Federal ban, hoping to become independent of the petroleum industry.

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That, combined with new technology to fashion paper and plastics from hemp-derived cellulose, gradually breathed new life into the industry.1920-1940: Economic power is consolidated in hands of small number of steel, oil and munitions companies, such as Dupont, which became the US's primary munitions manufacturer.