Who is dating jason mraz

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Who is dating jason mraz

So he's started a campaign with his manager: "#Retired At40." He has one more album left on his contract with Atlantic Records, and then he plans to check out for a while."I'm just ready for a break.

It feels like a corporate job sometimes," the 37-year-old said, sitting in the wings of the Spreckels Theatre, where he was rehearsing last week for the start of his 31-date tour. With two Grammys under his belt, Mraz appeared to have settled into a professional groove.

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But for the next few months, Mraz leaves the crops behind for “Tour is a Four-Letter Word” with Christina Perri. And the audience sings and just takes it away, it becomes theirs. It was actually a roller-skating jam, it wasn’t a slow song.

I asked him how he first “hooked up” with the “Jar of Hearts” singer. And that’s probably the greatest feeling that any songwriter or performer can experience.” One song you probably won’t hear on the tour is about a girl named Crystal: the first girl who broke Jason’s heart and inspired one of his first songs, penned in 8th grade physics class. It was like yeah, all discoteque.” Who knows, maybe he’ll pull it out Sunday at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion!

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"I have a gift for you," Jason Mraz said, arms outstretched.

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