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Who is melody gardot dating

I really want to try to wear high heels.” That’s why I wanted to learn to walk. ” My mom was there, and she said, “She used to play piano at piano bars,” and his eyes just lit up.

He was like, “You have to do music.” At that time, I was devastated because he sent me home to play piano and I couldn’t even sit.

When we meet, Melody has just finished a photo shoot that delayed her arrival by a few hours—and her cat, Maestro, is a little out of sorts.

Dressed in silver leggings, a black hat, and her signature Transitions glasses, Gardot (who is a Buddhist and a macrobiotic chef) why it takes one to tango.

To reveal that an artist has overcome adversity in order to achieve success in the music industry is, generally speaking, about as much of a revelation as the discovery of cuteness in babies or kittens.

See , any episode, or an open mic-night in the West Village.

I was in a robe every day, so I gave everything away—my whole wardrobe, down to the last dress. It was a lot of pain, and a doctor said to me at one point, “You know, the most important thing is to find something that makes you happy.” That’s where it started.

But at some point I woke up, maybe about four or five months after having done that that, and I thought, “You know what? He said “What did you used to do before the accident?

But other than that, the only training I had was piano lessons from when I was nine until I was eleven.

So I learned to play guitar on my back while I was bed-ridden instead.

I only thought to record the songs because sometimes I would I couldn’t remember what I had just done.

; shy Norah Jones and the former busker Madeleine Peyroux were propelled blinking into the spotlight.

In Britain Universal tried to ease Gwyneth Herbert into the “nostalgia babe” mould, but the singer-songwriter proved too free-spirited.

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Music moguls sniffed the wind and realised that even in the hip-hop and happening Noughties there was going to be a market for sweet-voiced chanteuses with one elegant foot plonked firmly in the past.

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