Who is michael waltrip dating

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We have been together ever since and it makes my heart smile thinking about all the great things we did together." Waltrip, 53, has been working as a NASCAR analyst for FOX Sports since 2012.

I would say the main person I dance with is Val, and I'm really happy about that.

Glamour: He told me he doesn't like small talk, and I'm like, Val, I've known you for three years, and you're just now telling me this?! Emma: It's called "Morning Drums," and it's the trio that Keo and Val did with Janel from last season, but I'll be doing it. We're doing it to an Adele song that's being performed by Mark Ballas. Emma: It's actually one of the first dances you start with because of technique. I think there are other people that might make us both individually happy, but I'm always going to be his best friend. It has just happened in the way we have gone from a beautiful three-year relationship, which I love and cherish, to best friends. I feel like Len is somebody that will always be instantly recognizable as that grumpy judge in the middle that gives harsh technical marks. I think , if it comes to that, will find another grumpy judge who will be just as entertaining and possibly just as moody and delightful as Len.

I just love that because it's live, and Mark is phenomenal at that and has such a great voice. But of course there's only one Len Goodman, and it's going to be really sad if he does decide to leave.

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He's bringing a bunch of race car drivers, and his brother lives in Nashville too—Daryl Waltrip, who also won the Daytona. And I actually went to see Billy Dee Williams last week!