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On July 19th, he made headlines when the song entered the music charts in the no.15 position.NOTE: I haven't been able to find a lot of info about the early nineties on the internet, but a dancehall fan named Basil in a chat group recalls: "The whole world reacted (to Buju song) I was listening to radio shows up here talking about it a lot, and what happened as a result of that?NOTE: For more information on criminalization in the Caribbean, visit the GET INFORMED section of this website.After three centuries of British occupation, Jamaica obtained its independence in 1962.

Even so, the earliest directly homophobic reggae song known to me is the 1978 King Sounds and the Israelites’ ‘Spend One Night Inna Babylon’.

These laws had their roots in Victorian morality, but they were embraced enthusiastically by the black nationalist middle class; and, like many illiberal attitudes in the world, these filtered through society, and were transmuted into a virulent machismo among the poor; a consequence, perhaps, of people having been stripped of everything else, including the promises of a better life after independence.

It is out of this culture, fortified by contemporary evangelical Christianity, that the culture of music-driven homophobia has grown') NOTE: Several Caribbean islands do have such a law in their criminal code.

NOTE: I have deduced that the club would have opened in 1976, considering the fact that The Jamaica Gaily News No.50 is dated October 7, 1977.

Considering that the newsletter might have been issued on a weekly basis, the publication would have started in Autumn 1976.

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The newsletter was probably initiated in autumn 1976*.