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Laodicea: Apathy (-22)Introduction: We concluded the first part of this series with a consideration of the true Christian hope – our ultimate resurrection and eternal future with our dear Lord Jesus Christ.These indications include: This interpretation helps to explain other apparent anomalies in the messages to the seven churches.

Since 360 days is the standard length in days of a Jewish ceremonial year (that is, twelve lunar months of 30 days each without the intercalation necessary to make the year conform to the solar calendar), it is not a far jump to see this figure of 360 as significant in representing the basic unit for each of these five eras (in the same way that a day often stands for a year [or epoch] in scripture as we have already seen).

The overwhelming reality of His final victory and our blessed unification with Him at that time will transcend to such a great degree whatever horrendous trials it be our lot to endure in the time between that all such relatively "light affliction" will not be worthy of comparison to the glories destined to follow them.

For we who have chosen for Him are most certainly the objects of God's wrath which will be poured out upon the earth during those terrible years, and whatever we may be called upon to suffer in the time between the Tribulation's commencement and our Lord's return will be for His glory and our glorification – our labor is not in vain in Him (1Cor.).

The twelve years may be variously explained as being allocated on the basis of one year for each of the apostles, and/or one year for each of the twelve tribes of Israel (into which the Church, the body of Christ consisting ultimately of all pre-millennial believers, will eventually be incorporated).

The transitional period of Ephesus is followed by five eras of equal length.

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So this use of seven actual churches to lay out trends which were to take place in the following two millennia of the Church Age is not without biblical parallel.

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