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Writing dating headline

The Code of Canon Law (CIC), or "Codex Iuris Canonici" has always been in effect.

It was codified in l917 and contained 2,414 canons.

When a 'pro death' Catholic politician disregards a bishop's directive and comes to Holy Communion 'of his own volition,' and the bishop or priest does not deny them as canon 915 directs them to do, the bishop or priest is doing evil (CIC, n.1755), and what Pope Paul VI condemned when he said "one cannot do evil so that good may follow there from" (HV n.14; Rom.3:8). We next approach the erroneous understanding of separation of church and state and canon 915.The Bishop was responding to scandal among the faithful." This confirms just how imperative it is for the laity to write letters and to send 'denunciation packages' to their Bishops in protest to these scandalous so-called Catholic pro-abortion legislators.To help you do this, Chuck Wilson, Executive director of St.They must publicly rescind their support for abortion and euthanasia.'What the majority wants' is an erroneous argument if it is contrary to natural laws and God's laws.

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By Barbara Kralis Unquestionably, canon 915 is the most discussed canon in the Codex Iuris Canonici, or Code of Canon Law, in recent Church history.