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The Aura One's screen just flickered and showed random gibberish during its dunking., Amazon says that the Oasis can "withstand exposure to water" if you remove the device from the water quickly and dry it completely.You do so by sitting the tablet upright to let water drain out of its micro USB port, gently tapping the side of the device as necessary.That's because she prefers swipe-based page navigation — which is still available in the Oasis — because it reminds her of flipping actual pages.Personally, I prefer the buttons, because gestures and swipes on an E Ink display never seem realistic, due to the delay in changing pages.

The accelerometers in the Oasis make it so you can hold it by the bump side in whichever hand you prefer, and its screen will rotate to be right-side-up.By contrast, we didn't think last year's Oasis was as good at automatically adjusting to light, and I find it difficult to read my i Phone (even at maximum brightness) when sunlight pours onto that screen.The automatic-brightness setting in the Oasis always adjusted the device's screen to a readable setting, so I didn't have to waste time fiddling with settings.This way, there's no wrong way to hold the device, especially since there's a landscape-view option in the settings.Finally, you can drop the Oasis in an actual oasis.

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The company explicitly states that users should not apply "an external heat source, such as a microwave oven or hair dryer" or "insert a foreign object, such as a cotton swab or paper towel, into the micro USB port."The Kindle Oasis packs one of the best E Ink screens in any e-reader today.