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ESS also provides for maintaining text versions of your S functions in specified source directories.

Statistical packages are powerful software systems for manipulating and analyzing data, but their user interfaces often leave something something to be desired: they offer weak editor functionality and they differ among themselves so markedly that you have to re-learn how to do those things for each package.

Finally, an incidental (but very useful) side-effect of ESS is that a transcript of your session is kept for later saving or editing.

No special knowledge of Emacs is necessary when using S interactively under ESS.

ESS interfaces with SAS, S-PLUS, R, BUGS/JAGS and other statistical analysis packages on Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

ESS is itself a package within the emacs text editor and uses emacs features to streamline the creation and use of statistical software.

ESS knows the syntax and grammar of statistical analysis packages and provides consistent display and editing features based on that knowledge.

To reduce typing, command-line completion is provided for all S objects and “hot keys” are provided for common S function calls.

Help files are easily accessible, and a paging mechanism is provided to view them.

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